Touchscreen Interface Design : HTML/CSS & PHP

Show Home Touchscreen Interface Design

Dynamic PDF creation based on interactive touchscreen selections

Custom touchscreen interface/GUI for Jayman's Granite development displayed on a TV
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"Aivia stepped into the Multi-Family touchscreens software project and was able to adapt to new technologies, work with existing technology infrastructure and work hard to hit an aggressive deadline."

- Marketing Manager, Jayman BUILT Homes

Case Study Jayman BUILT Homes Show Home Touchscreen Interface


  • 2 Touchscreen controlled (desktop compatible) interfaces
  • CSS skinning of external web-application created by Jayman IT team
  • Server-side scripting receives data from external web-application to generate a dynamic PDF of user's selections
  • Dynamic PDF generated for immediate print and digital delivery via email
  • External web-application implemented into touchscreen interfaces via iframe

Skillsets Used

  • PHP for server-side scripting/PDF generation
  • HTML/CSS for structure and presentation
  • User Interface Design for visual presentation


Jayman BUILT homes wanted a cutting-edge, interactive presentation software to run on its show home media centre kiosks. Aivia was engaged to work with their show home presentation displays in order to create an engaging and informative presentation for potential home buyers.

Designers and programmers worked with the sales, marketing and technical staff at Jayman BUILT homes to deploy an innovative experience for interactive display users for showhomes in two separate communities. Dynamic PDF printouts were also designed and programmed for users to take with them when they left.

Screen Gallery

  • Swipeable touchscreen interface for Jayman BUILT Homes - Les Jardins
  • Custom kiosk GUI & marketing screenshot
  • Screenshot of a touchscreen information screen
  • Custom touchscreen interface for home builder
  • Site map touchscreen interface - home builder software
  • Show home touch screen gallery interface - custom kiosk UI
  • Touchscreen kiosk interface for home builder - screenshot
  • Home builder custom software developer - touchscreen interface for show home
  • Home builder floorplan software UI and development
  • Custom software for home builders - floorplan PDF generator
  • Show home kiosk interface - Redstone
  • Marketing screen for custom show home kiosk
  • Community features custom kiosk user interface design
  • Custom touchscreen kiosk web-app
  • Show home display kiosk software development
  • Touchscreen gallery - swipable
  • Screenshot from show home software - touchscreen kiosk GUI
  • Embedded web application - showhome kiosks
  • showhome touchscreen gallery software
  • Screenshot of dynamically generated PDF file