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Mobile data collection and distribution

"Assembly of First Nations needed a way to extend their communications beyond their website in both English and French. We worked with AFN's communications team to develop an app that suited their specific needs."

Case Study AFN National iOS and Android Apps

Versions Developed

1.0 - 1.57


  • Push notifications for urgent alerts, documents, events, and news items
  • Custom form builder for conducting surveys and collecting event registrations
  • Easy iCal/Google Calendar integration for events
  • Document signature collection
  • Content access levels set by user or user group

Skillsets Used

  • Swift for iOS Version
  • Kotlin for Android


The AFN National app connects the AFN head office directly to their members and the public. Up-to-the-minute news and events, surveys, registrations and applications, and member-specific content allows the AFN to broaden the reach of their communications and better raise awareness of issues important to their community.

Screen Gallery

AFN National app splash screen

Adheres to AFN National's branding

AFN National app login screen

Public and member-restricted content

AFN National app dashboard screen

Forms, information, events and news are posted directly to the app by AFN Alberta via an online CMS

AFN National mobile app documents screen

Access to AFN documents and fillable forms in English or French

AFN National mobile app with push notification history

Push notification history

AFN National mobile app news screen

Bilingual news updates

AFN National's mobile app's event details screen

Event information can be added to your calendar app with 1 click

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