Mobile App Development : iOS & Android

Mobile Driving Safety Tool

Notifies users of red light cameras, school zones, playgrounds and speed traps

The Radar Fox app on 2 mobile devices

"Created to emphasize traffic safety, this hands-free app features spoken audio alerts that notify you of photo radar zones, red light cameras and school zones while en route to your destination."

- Managing Partner, AIVIA Inc.

Case Study Radar Fox iOS and Android Apps

Versions Developed

1.0 - 2.51


  • GPS location tracking with dynamically sizing geo-fences
  • Kotlin and Swift Programming
  • Functions in the background
  • Database updates automatically each with posted enforcement locations

Skillsets Used

  • Swift for iOS Version
  • Kotlin for Android


A passion project, Radar Fox was one of the earliest mobile apps we developed as a company. The app pulls publicly-posted bylaw enforcement data into a database to populate geofences on the map in areas where photo radar or speed traps will be located. As users pass through the geofence, they are given a context-appropriate audio alert.

Screen Gallery

  • The Radar Fox mobile app's landing screen
  • Enable tracking for the Radar Fox mobile app
  • Enable notifications for the Radar Fox mobile app
  • Radar Fox app's map screen
  • Radar Fox app showing red light camera data
  • Red light cameras, school zones and speed traps by city in the Radar Fox app
  • Radar Fox mobile app's settings screen