Mobile App Development : iOS & Android

Improving Asthma Patient Outcomes


2 mobile devices showing the Complete by Covis mobile app
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"Their team uses a dashboard that allows me to monitor key milestones and where their progress is towards those, and I’ve really appreciated that visibility."

- Digital Transformation Manager, Quanta Services

Case Study Complete by Covis Custom Pharmaceutical Mobile Application


  • Colour-changing interface based on inhaler type
  • Customizable reminders and snooze settings
  • Weekly generated reports based on user activity
  • Notifies user when their asthma may not be controlled and when they should see a doctor for an evaluation or a new prescription
  • Transitional interface animations

Skillsets Used

  • Swift for iOS Version
  • Kotlin for Android


Covis Pharma approached us with a unique problem: How to get people to remember to take their regular asthma medication, and also remind them when it’s time to order a new inhaler.

Our engineers worked very closely with Covis’ team in order to develop the app to support different types of inhalers and know the dosages contained in each so that the app knows when to remind users to order a new inhaler based on their tracked behaviour via the included digital dose counter.

The app also uses an algorithm to generate a weekly report for users so they can track their progress on their treatment plan, as well as have access to educational resources for managing their condition.

Screen Gallery

  • Complete by Covis app Splash Screen
  • Complete by Covis app - dose tracker
  • Complete by Covis app dose reminders
  • Complete by Covis app weekly report
  • Complete by Covis app dose counter restart
  • Complete by Covis app weekly trends
  • Complete by Covis app resources